Enumeration to define the different types of endpoint streams.

Namespace: Crestron.SimplSharpPro.DM
Assembly: SimplSharpPro (in SimplSharpPro.exe)


public enum eDmStreamType


Member nameValueDescription
DM0 DM Stream.
Hdmi1 HDMI Stream.
Vga2 VGA Stream.
DisplayPort3 DisplayPort Stream.
Cvbs4 Composite Stream.
Camera5 Camera Stream.
Bnc6 Component/BNC Stream.
Dvi7 DVI Stream.
AvStream8 Audio Video DM Stream.
AnalogAudio9 Analog Audio Only
HdmiVga10 Combination HDMI/VGA
HdmiVgaBnc11 Combination HDMI/VGA/BNC
Sip12 SIP
Dialer13 Dialer Combines SIP/POTS
Codec14 Codec
Aec15 Auto Echo Cancellation
DmpsAudio16 DMPS3 Audio Output Stream
DmpsDmHdmi17 DMPS3 Dm Hdmi Output Stream.

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