For control systems that have built in switchers (for example, DMPS3), this collection will contain the outputs of the switcher. Since it is a collection of the interface, the programmer will need to read the CardInputOutputType property to know what the base class of the output is, cast it to that, and then work with it from there. The SwitcherOutputs collection will be null for devices that do not have switchers. The index into the SwitcherOutputs can also be referenced by the following enums: CrestronControlSystem..::..eDmps3200cOutputs for DMPS-200-C, CrestronControlSystem..::..eDmps300cOutputs for DMPS-300-C, and CrestronControlSystem..::..eDmps3300cAecOutputs for DMPS-300-C-AEC. To make use of a specific output, you will need to check against the type present in the interface and cast/use it from there. Example follows:
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void TurnOnAmp(ICardInputOutputType MyCard)
    if(MyCard.CardInputOutputType == eCardInputOutputType.Dmps3ProgramOutput)


Namespace: Crestron.SimplSharpPro
Assembly: SimplSharpPro (in SimplSharpPro.exe)


public CrestronCollection<ICardInputOutputType> SwitcherOutputs { get; internal set; }

Property Value

Type: CrestronCollection<(Of <(<'ICardInputOutputType>)>)>

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