Public classAuthorizerEventArgs
The data associated with a call into the authorizer.
Public classCommitEventArgs
Event arguments raised when a transaction is being committed
Public classConnectionEventArgs
Event data for connection event handlers.
Public classSQLiteCommand
SQLite implementation of DbCommand.
Public classSQLiteCommandBuilder
SQLite implementation of DbCommandBuilder.
Public classSQLiteConnection
SQLite implementation of DbConnection.
Public classSQLiteDataAdapter
SQLite implementation of DbDataAdapter.
Public classSQLiteDataReader
SQLite implementation of DbDataReader.
Public classSQLiteException
SQLite exception class.
Public classSQLiteParameter
SQLite implementation of DbParameter.
Public classSQLiteParameterCollection
SQLite implementation of DbParameterCollection.
Public classSQLiteTransaction
SQLite implementation of DbTransaction.
Public classTraceEventArgs
Passed during an Trace callback, these event arguments contain the UTF-8 rendering of the SQL statement text
Public classUpdateEventArgs
Passed during an Update callback, these event arguments detail the type of update operation being performed on the given connection.


Public delegateSQLiteAuthorizerEventHandler
Raised when authorization is required to perform an action contained within a SQL query.
Public delegateSQLiteBackupCallback
Raised between each backup step.
Public delegateSQLiteCommitHandler
Raised when a transaction is about to be committed. To roll back a transaction, set the rollbackTrans boolean value to true.
Public delegateSQLiteConnectionEventHandler
Raised when an event pertaining to a connection occurs.
Public delegateSQLiteTraceEventHandler
Raised when a statement first begins executing on a given connection
Public delegateSQLiteUpdateEventHandler
Raised when data is inserted, updated and deleted on a given connection


Public enumerationSQLiteAuthorizerActionCode
The action code responsible for the current call into the authorizer.
Public enumerationSQLiteAuthorizerReturnCode
The return code for the current call into the authorizer.
Public enumerationSQLiteConnectionEventType
These are the event types associated with the SQLiteConnectionEventHandler delegate (and its corresponding event) and the ConnectionEventArgs class.
Public enumerationSQLiteConnectionFlags
The extra behavioral flags that can be applied to a connection.
Public enumerationSQLiteDateFormats
This implementation of SQLite for ADO.NET can process date/time fields in databases in one of six formats.
Public enumerationSQLiteErrorCode
SQLite error codes. Actually, this enumeration represents a return code, which may also indicate success in one of several ways (e.g. SQLITE_OK, SQLITE_ROW, and SQLITE_DONE). Therefore, the name of this enumeration is something of a misnomer.
Public enumerationSQLiteExecuteType
The requested command execution type. This controls which method of the SQLiteCommand object will be called.
Public enumerationSQLiteJournalModeEnum
This enum determines how SQLite treats its journal file.
Public enumerationTypeAffinity
SQLite has very limited types, and is inherently text-based. The first 5 types below represent the sum of all types SQLite understands. The DateTime extension to the spec is for internal use only.
Public enumerationUpdateEventType
Whenever an update event is triggered on a connection, this enum will indicate exactly what type of operation is being performed.