Public classHttpsClient
The HttpsClient class represents a client connection to an HTTPS Server. HttpsClient will automatically follow redirects. Automatic redirects are configurable via the AllowAutoRedirect property. To specify the maximum number of redirects, change the MaximumAutomaticRedirections property to the desired value.
Public classHttpsClientRequest
The HttpsClientRequest class represents an HTTP response received by the client from the server.
Public classHttpsClientResponse
The HttpsClientResponse class represents an HTTP response received by the client from the server.
Public classHttpsException
An Exception object that contains errors returned from an HTTPs call when the server returned any error >=400.
Public classHttpsHeader
HttpsHeader holds Name and Value pairs for Request and Response Header fields.
Public classHttpsHeaderException
An Exception object that contains errors returned from one of the HttpsHeader or HttpsHeaders methods call.
Public classHttpsHeaders
HttpsHeaders contains an array of HttpHeader objects.
Public classHttpsIncomingRequestResponse
Base class representing an incoming HTTPs message - a response received by the HttpsClient.
Public classHttpsOutgoingRequestResponse
The Abstract Base Class represents an outgoing HTTPs message - either a request to be sent from the HttpsClient, or a response to be sent from the HttpsServer.
Public classHttpsRequestInvalidException
HttpsRequestInvalidException class
Public classHttpsRequestResponse
Abstract base class representing an HTTPs message.
Public classQueryString
QueryString represents a collection of key/value pairs which is used to store parameters from the HTTPs path (the tail from symbol "?" to the end).


Public delegateHTTPSClientBytesCallback
Crestron ClientBytes Callback
Public delegateHTTPSClientBytesCallbackEx
Crestron ClientBytes Callback
Public delegateHTTPSClientResponseCallback
Crestron ClientResponse Callback function
Public delegateHTTPSClientResponseCallbackEx
Crestron ClientResponse Callback function
Public delegateHTTPSClientStringCallback
Crestron ClientString Callback
Public delegateHTTPSClientStringCallbackEx
Crestron ClientString Callback
Public delegateHttpsStreamRequestCallbackEx
Crestron StreamRequestCallback
Public delegateHttpsStreamResponseCallbackEx
Crestron StreamResponseCallback


Public enumerationContentSource
Defines which type of the HTTPs body will be used - array of bytes, stream or string.
Public enumerationHTTPS_CALLBACK_ERROR
ERROR Definitions returned from an async operation
Public enumerationHttpsClient..::..ClientCertificateType
Defines the types (formats) of Client Certificate
Public enumerationHttpsClient..::..ClientKeyType
Defines the types (formats) of Client Private Key
Public enumerationHttpsClient..::..DISPATCHASYNC_ERROR
ERROR definitions for launching Async operations
Public enumerationHttpsClientStreamType
Types of streams Implemented in the HTTPs Streams
Public enumerationRequestType
This enumeration defines the common values for the HTTPs methods used to make a request.