Public classBinding
Represents a local socket binding. All active socket connections are "bound" to a specific port on the client and server side. These bindings are particularly important for some protocols to identify the local connection. Server processes bind themselves to a specific port in order to service incoming queries.
Public classBindings
Bindings Class
Public classClient
Abstract client component, the base for all other clients.
Public classClient..::..OnResolvedHostNameArgs
OnResolvedHostNameHandler class
Public classClient..::..OnResolveHostNameArgs
OnResolveHostNameArgs class
Public classConnection
The Stream based Connection class is the basis for all communications between clients and servers. Clients can obtain a Connection object by calling one of the Connect methods of the Client component; Servers will obtain Connection objects for every incoming connection that gets established.
Public classConnectionClosedException
Occurs when a Connection is closed while reading data from it, for example because the remote host has unexpectedly closed the connection.
Public classConnectionEventArgs
ConnectionEventArgs Class
Public classConnectionPool
ConnectionPool class determines a connection pool which is used to represent outgoing connections, and is not used to represent incoming connections because they are not used for pooling.
Public classHttpUtility
Provides methods for encoding and decoding URLs when processing Web requests. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classOnTcpConnectionArgs
OnTcpConnectionArgs class
Public classServer
Server class
Public classServerBinding
A ServerBinding represents an EndPoint that a server component will be accepting connections on. The binding can be bound to activate it and start listening for incoming connections, or unbound to close it.
Public classServerBindings
Creates a new instance of the ServerBindings class.
Public classTransferEndEventArgs
TransferEndEventArgs Class
Public classTransferEventArgs
TransferEventArgs Class
Public classTransferProgressEventArgs
TransferProgressEventArgs Class
Public classTransferStartEventArgs
TransferStartEventArgs Class


Public interfaceIConnectionTimeouts
IConnectionTimeouts timeout Interface.


Public delegateClient..::..OnResolvedHostNameHandler
Delegate for ResolvedHostNameHandler
Public delegateClient..::..OnResolveHostNameHandler
Handler for the event that is fired after the hostname has been successfully resolved.
Public delegateConnectionEventHandler
Delegate for the Connection EventHandler
Public delegateOnTcpConnectionHandler
OnTcpConnectionHandler delegate handler
Public delegateTransferEndEventHandler
Delegate for the TransferEndEvent Handler
Public delegateTransferProgressEventHandler
Delegate for the TransferProgressEvent Handler
Public delegateTransferStartEventHandler
Delegate for the TransferStartEvent Handler


Public enumerationDnsResolveType
This enumeration defines the values of how frequently the HostName should be looked up.
Public enumerationTransferDirection
Transfer direction for Events.