Public classC2nIo
The C2N-IO is a compact Cresnet control module that adds control ports to any Crestron 2-Series or 3-Series control system.

This device does not support ComPort extended information events.

Public classC2nRths
A Cresnet based temperature and humidity sensor.
Public classDinIo8
Cresnet based device providing eight Versiports, programmable as digital inputs, digital outputs or analog outputs. Each Versiport has a corresponding pull-up resistor
Public classGlsOccupancySensorBase
Base class for GLS Occupancy Sensors.

This class will trigger BaseEvent and GlsOccupancySensorChange events.

Public classGlsOccupancySensorChangeEventArgs
Event Argument class used for GlsOccupancySensorChangeEventHandler.
Public classGlsOdtCCn
Cresnet-based dual technology sensor that uses passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies to detect occupancy.
Public classGlsOirCCn
Cresnet-based passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor.
Public classGlsOirCsmExBatt
infiNET EX battery-powered occupancy sensor that uses passive infra-red to detect occupancy.

This class will trigger BaseEvent event with event IDs from GlsOirCsmExBattEventIds.

Public classGlsOirCsmExBattEventIds
Event Ids used on the GlsOirCsmExBatt that will trigger the BaseEvent event.
Public classGlsSim
Cresnet based compact interface device designed to allow Crestron Green Light sensors to be connected directly to a Cresnet control network, with 2 Versiports.
Public classInetIoexIrcom
Compact infiNET EX Wireless IR/RS-232 control interface
Public classInetIoexRyio
Compact infiNET EX Wireless Relay/Digital Input control interface
Public classIoexComOverflowControls
Extender used to detect COM overflow conditions of the IOEX.


Public interfaceICommonOccupancySensorInfo
Interface to describe the common Occupancy Sensor Info for GlsOccupancySensorBase, GlsOirCsmExBatt and GlppBase.
Public interfaceIGlsOccupancySensorsCommonSigs
Interface to describe the common sigs for GLS Occupancy Sensors. GlsOccupancySensorBase or GlsOirCsmExBatt.


Public delegateGlsOccupancySensorChangeEventHandler
Delegate definition for GlsOccupancySensorChange event.