Public classAvrComponentEventArgs
Arguments to describe the type of change on Menu items of Crestron Connected AVR Components.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvr
AVR provides a native connectivity to a supported third party AVR and its embedded rich media sources. It will interact with the AVR and provide the user the ability to control built-in sources and provide audio distribution to multiple zones from a Crestron user interface.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvrComponentBase
Common base class for Crestron Connected AVR Components. This will be common base class for all Zones, Tuners and Media players.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvrMediaPlayer
Crestron Connected AVR MediaPlayer Class.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvrTuner
Crestron Connected AVR Zone Class.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvrTunerMediaPlayerBase
Crestron Connected AVR Tuner and Media player Base Class.
Public classCrestronConnectedAvrZone
Crestron Connected AVR Zone Class.
Public classRoomViewConnectedDisplay
The RoomView Connected Display symbol allows any projector that integrates with RoomView to connect directly to the control system, where it can be controlled even without RoomView interaction. The symbol can be used with any projector that displays the Crestron logo.Using the projector's built-in Web page or on-screen display on some models. The following parameters must be configured on the projector: 1) the IP address of the control system; 2) the IP ID assigned in SIMPL Windows; and 3) the port number (default 41794).
Public classSamsungSmartTv
The Samsung Smart TV symbol enables a Samsung Smart TV to used as an On Screen Display (OSD) for a Crestron System. The Samsung Smart TV symbol is programmed to run in conjunction with a specialized Crestron application developed exclusively for the Samsung Smart TV.The application runs in the background while content plays on the Samsung Smart TV;various alerts and notifications programmed, overlay themselves directly over the content playing.The application is designed to be compatible with all Samsung 2012 Series Smart TVs or later.The OSD features a root menu consisting of up to six list items; each item can have an optional submenu.
Public classSamsungSmartTvAppControl
SamsungSmartTvAppControl class for SamsungSmartTv.


Public delegateEventChangeHandler
Delegate to define the event handler for AVR component item changes on Crestron Connected AVR.


Public enumerationeAvrComponentType
Enumeration to define the different AVR Component types for the Crestron Connected AVR device.
Public enumerationRoomViewConnectedDisplay..::..eEmergencyAlertCodes
Enumeration to define eEmergencyAlertCode types for the RoomView Connected Display.
Public enumerationSamsungSmartTvAppControl..::..eTextAlertLocation
Describes the eTextAlertLocation types for the SamsungSmartTv.