The ConnectionInfo type exposes the following members.



Public propertyAuthenticationMethods
Gets supported authentication methods for this connection.
Public propertyClientVersion
Get the client version.
Public propertyCompressionAlgorithms
Gets supported compression algorithms for this connection.
Public propertyCurrentClientCompressionAlgorithm
Gets the current client compression algorithm.
Public propertyCurrentClientEncryption
Gets the current client encryption.
Public propertyCurrentClientHmacAlgorithm
Gets the current client hash algorithm.
Public propertyCurrentHostKeyAlgorithm
Gets the current host key algorithm.
Public propertyCurrentKeyExchangeAlgorithm
Gets the current key exchange algorithm.
Public propertyCurrentServerCompressionAlgorithm
Gets the current server compression algorithm.
Public propertyCurrentServerEncryption
Gets the current server encryption.
Public propertyCurrentServerHmacAlgorithm
Gets the current server hash algorithm.
Public propertyEncoding
Gets or sets the default encoding.
Public propertyEncryptions
Gets supported encryptions for this connection.
Public propertyHmacAlgorithms
Gets supported hash algorithms for this connection.
Public propertyHost
Gets connection host.
Public propertyIsAuthenticated
Gets a value indicating whether connection is authenticated.
Public propertyKeyExchangeAlgorithms
Gets supported key exchange algorithms for this connection.
Public propertyMaxSessions
Gets or sets maximum number of session channels to be open simultaneously.
Public propertyPort
Gets connection port.
Public propertyProxyHost
Gets proxy connection host.
Public propertyProxyPassword
Gets proxy connection password.
Public propertyProxyPort
Gets proxy connection port.
Public propertyProxyType
Gets proxy type.
Public propertyProxyUsername
Gets proxy connection username.
Public propertyRetryAttempts
Gets or sets number of retry attempts when session channel creation failed.
Public propertyServerVersion
Gets the server version.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets or sets connection timeout.
Public propertyUsername
Gets connection username.


Public eventAuthenticationBanner
Occurs when authentication banner is sent by the server.

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