SIMPL# is a language extension utilizing C# class library that can be referenced and utilized in SIMPL+ modules. This provides the Crestron programmer the ability to use standards based, powerful C# constructs and functions inside their existing SIMPL Windows programs.

The goal of this Programming Guide is to introduce and provide foundation for learning of the SIMPL# programming constructs.

This guide presumes the reader is knowledgeable in programming in C#. It provides some high level information about object oriented programming, general programming concepts that can be applied to the C# language and specifics of the SIMPL# constructs.


For Whom is this Guide Intended?

This guide is intended to be the SIMPL# programming guide, appropriate for the experienced SIMPL+ and C# programmers. This guide, along with the Microsoft Visual Studio Intellisense should provide all the information needed for any SIMPL# programmer.



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