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AutoUpdateTimeToPerformDiscoveryStruct Structure
This is used to send/receive an integer value between the C# layer and the Auto Update manager layer. Any of the values from TimeToPerformUpdate can be used that are commented with "Integer Type."

Namespace: Crestron.AutoUpdateApiCommon
Assembly: SimplSharpAutoUpdateInterface (in SimplSharpAutoUpdateInterface.dll)
public struct AutoUpdateTimeToPerformDiscoveryStruct

The AutoUpdateTimeToPerformDiscoveryStruct type exposes the following members.

Public fieldautoUpdateAppNumber
The app number this came from.
Public fieldautoUpdateHours
The hour component of the daily time to check the manifest file.
Public fieldautoUpdateInterval
The interval after which to repeat a discovery.
Public fieldautoUpdateMessageFlagsFromAPI
General purpose bitfield. b0: 1: API is performing a Query. When the API sends the lower layer a query, the response to the query should have this bit set. This will indicate to the API that it should not fire an event. This will be used when the user tries to read a property (a query will be sent by the API, the API will wait for a timeout. The thread that reads from the queue will either fire an event or not based on this bit. 0: API is setting the given value. Lower layer when it responds should have this bit cleared, which means that the API will fire an event back to the programmer.
Public fieldautoUpdateMessageLength
Size of the structure, including itself [AutoUpdateConstants.AutoUpdateTimeToPerformDiscoveryStruct]
Public fieldautoUpdateMessageType
Public fieldautoUpdateMinutes
The minute component of the daily time to check the manifest file.
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