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Crestron.SimplSharp.WebScripting Namespace


Public classCwsRouteValueDictionary
Represents a case-insensitive collection of key/value pairs that is used as the values, defaults, etc. for a route.
Public classHttpCwsContext
Encapsulates all the Http context elements of the current request
Public classHttpCwsCookie
Provides a type-safe way to create and manipulate individual HTTP cookies.
Public classHttpCwsCookieCollection
Provides a type-safe way to manipulate HTTP cookies.
Public classHttpCwsRequest
Represents http-specific data of the request received by the server
Public classHttpCwsRequestEventArgs
The argument passed along with incoming Http request event to the handler
Public classHttpCwsResponse
Represents http-specific data of the response sent to the client by the server on current request
Public classHttpCwsRoute
Implements default HttpCws request routing and handling
Public classHttpCwsRouteCollection
Provides a collection of routes for CWS routing.
Manipulating the collection only affect the server's routing before Register method is called.
Public classHttpCwsRouteData
Encapsulates data about a route.
Public classCode exampleHttpCwsServer
The Crestron Web Scripting server class
Public interfaceIHttpCwsHandler
Defines the interface that CWS or user implements to synchronously process HTTP requests.
Public delegateHttpCwsRequestEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle an Http request event.