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Crestron.SimplSharp Namespace


Crestron.SimplSharp is the API to create SIMPL# libraries using Visual Studio 2008 and the Crestron SIMPL# compiler.

A SIMPL# Library (.CLZ) may be referenced from a SIMPL+ program module (.USP), and that referenced from a SIMPL program (.SMW) to create a Series 3 / LOGOS Control System program (.LPZ).

Public classCode exampleCCriticalSection
Critical Section synchronization between threads.
Public classCEvent
Class to create instances of crestron events.
Public classCEventHandle
Base class for the crestron CEvent.
Public classCMonitor
Methods to provide synchronizes access to objects.
Public classCMutex
Class for the crestron Mutex
Public classCNamedEvent
Class to create instances of crestron named events. A named event can be shared across multiple programs
Public classCNamedMutex
Class for the crestron Named Mutex A named mutex can be shared across multiple programs
Public classCrestronConsole
Class to allow access to the Crestron Console.
Public classCrestronCresnetHelper
Common Cresnet Helper. This feature is not supported on Server.
Public classCrestronCresnetHelperDiscoveredDeviceElement
One discovered Cresnet device
Public classCrestronEnvironment
Provides information about the current environment.
Public classCrestronEnvironmentGC
Controls the system garbage collector, a service that automatically reclaims unused memory.
Public classCrestronEnvironmentOSVersion
Provides version information for the current operating system and firmware.
Public classCrestronEnvironmentSystemInfo
Class containing Crestron control system information
Public classCrestronEthernetHelper
Crestron Ethernet Helper library
Public classCrestronFileTransferClient
FileTransferClient class is a File Transfer Class.
Public classCrestronInvoke
Crestron Invoke class - Provides BeginInvoke functionality
Public classCrestronMailFunctions
Sending Email through devices.
Public classCrestronQueue
Fixed-size queue that supports concurrent access and blocking for specified amounts of time while performing operations
Public classCrestronQueueT
Fixed-size generic type queue that supports concurrent access and blocking for specified amounts of time while performing operations
Public classCrestronZIP
Class-wrapper for zip functionality from Utilities DLL
Public classCTimer
Timer class for the Crestron Simpl#
Public classDebugger
This class provides debugging features.
Public classDns
Provides simple domain name resolution functionality.
Public classErrorLog
Class to allow the CustomApplication to log errors. Starting with firmware version 1.500 and higher, the contents of the error log will also get posted to the Remote Sys Logger if it is enabled.
Public classEthernetAutodiscovery
Ethernet Autodiscovery class
Public classEthernetAutodiscoveryAutoDiscoveredDeviceElement
One Autodiscovered Ethernet device
Public classEthernetEventArgs
Class for the Ethernet event args. This is what is passed on to the user
Public classExtendedServiceDevice
Extended Service Device class is used to send and receive out-of-band information such as extended data service from Crestron Ethernet devices.

If the device or the control system does not support this form of communication, it will never come online.

Public classExtendedServiceEventArgs
Extended Service Event Argument class to describe the information received from the device.
Public classInitialParametersClass
Static class for all initial parameters
Public classInterlocked
Class for providing atomic operations for variables that are shared by multiple threads.
Public classIPAddress
Provides an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
Public classIPEndPoint
Represents a network endpoint as an IP address and a port number.
Public classIPHostEntry
Provides a container class for Internet host address information.
Public classReadOnlyDictionaryTKey, TValue
Wrapper for a dictionary that is read only.
Public classRemoteSysLogging
Class to allow the CustomApplication to log errors to Remote System Log server This will not log the errors to the error log.
Public classSimplSharpString
String class to convert between a CrestronString and Simpl # strings Used when interfacing with Simpl Plus
Public classSNTP
Class to provide SNTP functionality. This feature is not supported on Server.
Public classSocketException
Exception used to throw a socket exception.
Public classStopwatch
Object to accurately measure elapsed time.
Public classTimeout
Timeout for the Crestron Event and Timer class
Public classXmlException
Exception used when an Xml error occurs.
Public interfaceICrestronConsole
Interface to the Crestron Console.
Public delegateCrestronCresnetHelperLightAndPollDeviceFunctionDelegate
Delegate Signature for the Light and Poll functionality
Public delegateCrestronFileTransferClientUserProgressCallBack
CallBack prototype for progress feedback
Public delegateCrestronPrintDelegate
Delegate callback for printing to the console
Public delegateCrestronSharpHelperDelegate
Delegate for the callback for the Invoke functionality for the Crestron Sharp Helper
Public delegateCrestronSimplSharpConsoleAccessDelegate
Delegate callback for printing to the console
Public delegateCTimerCallbackFunction
Crestron Timer Callback function
Public delegateEthernetEventHandler
Delegate for the Ethernet Event Handler
Public delegateExtendedServiceReceiveEventHandler
Delegate to define the event method signature when information is received from an Extended Service Device.
Public delegateInitialParametersClassResolveHostNameFunctionDelegate
Delegate Signature for the Resolve Host name command
Public delegateProgramStatusEventHandler
Delegate for the program status event handler
Public delegateSimplSharpProConsoleCmdFunction
Delegate to hold a ConsoleCommand callback function
Public delegateSystemEventHandler
Delegate for the system event handler
Public enumerationAddressFamily
Specifies the addressing scheme.
Public enumerationConsoleAccessLevelEnum
Console access levels
Public enumerationCrestronCresnetHelpereCresnetDiscoveryReturnValues
Enum for return codes from the Cresnet discovery operation
Public enumerationCrestronEthernetHelperETHERNET_PARAMETER_TO_GET
Enum for ethernet parameters which we can get
Public enumerationCrestronEthernetHelperETHERNET_PARAMETER_TO_SET
Enum for ethernet parameters which we can set
Public enumerationCrestronEthernetHelperPortForwardingUserPatRetCodes
Port forwarding and SetStartingPortForToolBoxCSConnection function return codes
Public enumerationCrestronFileTransferClientFTCAuthMethod
The method of authentication to a proxy or an http server
Public enumerationCrestronFileTransferClientFTCCmdRequest
The cmd requested to perform
Public enumerationCrestronFileTransferClientFTCProxyType
The type of the proxy client uses to connect to the server
Public enumerationCrestronMailFunctionseMailPriority
Enum to specify the priority of a MailMessageWithPriority.
Public enumerationCrestronMailFunctionsSendMailErrorCodes
Email Error codes for email
Public enumerationCrestronStringEncoding
String Encoding passed in by the SIMPL compiler. This was copied from the top of CWCharString.h This is a copy from SplusObjects - so for the time being please do update there also
Public enumerationCrestronZIPResultCode
These are the result codes of a zip/unzip operation.
Public enumerationeCrestronExtendedService
Crestron Extended Service enumeration.
Public enumerationeDevicePlatform
Enumeration to define the various platforms a program can be running on.
Public enumerationeEthernetEventType
Enum for the Ethernet Event Types
Public enumerationeExtendedServiceEventType
Enumeration to describe the various types of information an Extended Service Device can receive.
Public enumerationeProgramStatusEventType
Enum for the Program Event Types
Public enumerationeRuntimeEnvironment
Enumeration to define the various runtime environments a SIMPL# module can run in.
Public enumerationeSystemEventType
Enum for the system events
Public enumerationEthernetAdapterType
Enums for the Ethernet Adapter Type
Public enumerationEthernetAutodiscoveryeAutoDiscoveryErrors
Enum for return codes from the Autodiscovery operation