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AutoUpdateInitialInformationStructautoUpdateMessageFlagsFromAPI Field
General purpose bitfield. b0: 1: API is performing a Query. When the API sends the lower layer a query, the response to the query should have this bit set. This will indicate to the API that it should not fire an event. This will be used when the user tries to read a property (a query will be sent by the API, the API will wait for a timeout. The thread that reads from the queue will either fire an event or not based on this bit. 0: API is setting the given value. Lower layer when it responds should have this bit cleared, which means that the API will fire an event back to the programmer. b1: 1: There is more device name data to be requested (filled in the DeviceNameBuffer field). // 2 0: No more device name data. b2: 1: This is the first "Initial Information" block // 4 0: This is not the first block.

Namespace: Crestron.AutoUpdateApiCommon
Assembly: SimplSharpAutoUpdateInterface (in SimplSharpAutoUpdateInterface.dll)
public uint autoUpdateMessageFlagsFromAPI

Field Value

Type: UInt32
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